Meet Our Members

Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association U.S.C.G. licensed charter boat captains.


Monthly meetings the first Tuesday of every month at the Irondequoit Bay Fish and Game Club at 7:00 pm


Currently enrolling new members. Associate and charter captain membership also available.

LOCBA Memberships

Captain | Captain Memberships are available to those that possess and maintain a USCG issued license. LOCBA captains are required to operate their businesses in a professional manner and operate with all federal and state guidelines. It is imperative as a club that our captains are setting the standards of conduct to insure the integrity of the charter boat industry on Lake Ontario.

Associate | Associate memberships are available to all of those who have a passion for the fishery. These memberships are not only available to individuals but to businesses and other organizations who want to support the club. Associate members play and important role in the organization and their desire to help support and promote the Lake Ontario fishery is respected and always welcomed.

Don't Be Shy

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to drop us a line anytime.